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Small business jobs bill stalls in Senate

Well, the devil is in the details… We noted earlier this week that the Senate votes to limit debate on the jobs bill, leaving only consensus on the amendments to potentially hold up the bill. Both sides couldn’t agree on … Continue reading

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Senate takes up small business jobs bill

The Senate is moving forward with the Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act (S. 2237), which would provide an income tax credit of 10% of wages for small employers who create jobs or increase wages in 2012. The credit … Continue reading

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Obama to propose 1-year extension of tax cuts for “middle class” households

As was floated around yesterday on the Sunday news shows, President Obama plans to propose a one-year extension of the “Bush tax cuts” for families making $250,000 or less. Presumably, the extension would apply to up to $125,000 for married-filing-separate … Continue reading

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Halfway point!

We’re in the early days of July, which means we’ve crossed the halfway point of the 2012 tax year. There’s still plenty of time to implement most tax strategies for 2012, but the clock is ticking on getting your withholding … Continue reading

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